Supports switching signal input of any device

Because it supports contact-closed input, sdr-kdc1212 can change almost any button or switch to the s-net bus. Mobile detectors, magnetic doors and Windows, smart locks, and so on can all pass Output dry contact signal to the device for intelligent home programming integration

The control channel

12 channel driving LED feedback output channel, common cathode, Dc5 ~ 20V adjustable, each circuit current is 50mA;

Energy saving mode

The device operates at a safe voltage of 24VDC, with ultra-low power consumption current. Such design meets the requirement of low carbon environmental protection. The device can also provide three different DC voltage intensities of 5V/12V/24V, enabling the LED on the third party switch panel to realize different light intensity, flashing mode and breathing mode.

S-Net Bus communication

The device is a pure hardware architecture design of MCU, with local data processing and channel control, low power consumption of the panel as a whole and timely task processing. The panel communicates via the special bus s-net to ensure the stability and reliability of data transmission.


Channel : 12-way dry contact Consumption : 5~24VDC Voltage : 24VDC

Working current : The minimum is 10 Ma and the maximum is 50 ma; Temperature : 0°to 45°C


The SDR-KDC1212 I/O module is a compact module provided by SCHIDERON, allowing third-party switch panel keypad signal input to be converted into S-Net signal. Its mini design is ideal for direct installation in standard 86 or 118 boxes. The product supports up to 8 buttons and indicators, and the universal input interface is more supportable Holds various contact sensor signals. The safety voltage device is hidden in the bottom box and is combined with various third-party switch panels to form part of a complete intelligent control system. Different switch panels can adapt to different occasions or personal use, in line with the needs of customization.

Parameter file - control module series

SDR-KDC1212(Simplified) 2020 / 08 / 12 2.04M

SDR-KDC1212(Traditional) 2020 / 08 / 12 1.93M



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