As an expert in smart home control systems, Shi Delang not only provides a variety of professional solutions and control systems for residential, commercial buildings, hotels and industrial buildings, but also strives to build smart buildings and smart communities, providing design, construction and maintenance for owners. , Operations, and a full range of professional services.


Together with Bulgari, an Italian jewellery family and color gemologists, Shanghai Bulgari Apartment, which was jointly developed by OCT and Bulgari, is the fourth in the world and the first Bulgari apartment in China. If you look at the global image of Bvlgari apartments and hotels, it is not difficult to find that their choice of cooperative brands is extremely demanding. Previously, apartments and hotels in Bali and London were all modern designs and outstanding skills. perfect combination.



DDP-805NC-X7 is a wall-mounted color hands-free video intercom indoor telephone with multiple functions. 8-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1280×800. With gold-plated G+G glass capacitive touch and H.264 video codec, it can support high-definition two-way video intercom. The chip adopts SCHIDERON's X7 core board series CPU chip and Android 4.4 system architecture, which has the advantages of fast operation speed, high stability, low overall power consumption, and supports online upgrade.


Guangzhou &

R&F Dongshan Xintiandi

R&F Dongshan Xintiandi is R&F's real estate focused on Dongshan for 20 years, creating a 270,000-square-meter super large-scale city-central humanities complex that integrates residence, office and shopping. It occupies the core position of Dongshan and is adjacent to Zhujiang New City, Guangzhou CBD's business headquarters. It is Dongshan District's most advanced project launched in recent years with the best location...



The DDT-1060-HD is a color video intercom unit with 10-inch capacitive touch screen operation. The resolution of the LCD display is up to 1280×800. High-definition digital camera, with a clear image quality. The new noise suppression technology can achieve high-reduced sound quality in different environments. This machine adopts SCHIDERON S2e series CPU chip, CPU frequency up to 720MHZ, memory is DDR3/256M. It has the advantages of fast operation speed, high quality of intercom audio and video, low overall chip power consumption, and high operational stability to meet the needs of future upgrades.




The second phase of Tingfang Chongdeyuan is located at the original site of the Tianjin University of Science and Technology. The former Tianjin Institute of Technology, established in 1979, has a history of 38 years. It is the second project in the city to build houses on the original site of the university. The second phase of the project is all villas and bungalows. It is from the scale of the entire project. Look, absolutely unique high-end low-density plate in the water board, and all built in the original site of the school, enough to prove that the Kaaba in the water plate to create high-end products, the absolute right to speak and resolve, Kaohsiung Tak Park expectations are to make it Tianjin's high-end benchmarking products allow each sub-division to play its greatest value and live up to every point! This is the faith and determination of the Kaaba to build the Chongde Garden.

Hongdian Hotel Apartment

This project adopts the Schrader smart home system, which provides users with comfortable and warm lighting experience through Sdelang's thyristor dimming module. Users can also control curtains and lights on the Sterling APP. And users can remotely control through 4G network without any settings. The user can also define the scene to be used by the application itself, or set the schedule for execution of these scenes. Since the Red House Apartment is an international property, the Shi Delang App also has an intimate setting to automatically switch the APP display language according to the mobile phone language, which is greatly appreciated by the owners.

EWIG series button panel

The EWIG series of key panels is a cost-effective standard smart button panel solution from SCHIDERON. The integrated design is simple and elegant, the buttons can be engraved and lighted, and the marquee design is used to display the real-time control status. And with configurable smart buttons, it can be easily installed in a dedicated back box, and the secure voltage smart button panel device is easy to install on the wall as part of a complete intelligent control system. This button panel is also available in a variety of different colors and styles of metal frame for different occasions or personal use, EWIG-KP2-AL is one of the EWIG series products, in line with customized needs.


Zunyue·Guanghua Pavilion

The smart home visual intercom system exclusively designed by Schideron for the Respectable Guanghua Pavilion highlights the solemn, atmospheric and calm temperament. The project uses the schideron visual intercom system, which is designed by Hong Kong design masters with an 8-inch indoor video intercom interface and high-end craft structure design, combined with the interior space design layout, through the artistic expression space and user relationship. People and space, equipment creates an extremely comfortable and intelligent experience.


The product has the advantages of fast operation speed, high quality of intercom audio and video, low power consumption of the whole chip and high running stability. The 006-HD features a high-definition digital camera with clear camera quality. It has a new type of noise suppression technology that can achieve high-reduced sound quality in different environments. The appearance is more high-quality craft design, high-end fashion, and custom-designed according to the needs of the owners is a stylish black border style. The function only needs to call the indoor extension with one button, and the simple and clear operation instruction makes the user easy to use.


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